Year 6 Transition

We understand that moving from Primary and Secondary is full of unknowns and can fill parents and students with anxiety.  We have developed a transition programme that aims to reduce this stress.

We have put together some useful information for you here, including a downloadable version of the Year 7 Parent Handbook

Our uniform supplier, Stitch-a-Logo, is open Monday – Friday 9-5. 

You can see all information on our school uniform here 

You can also familiarise yourself with the school attendance policy and information here

Flipping Book


Two Year 7 students have written letters to tell you about their experiences at the Academy


We recommend this book as a helpful resource for parents of Year 6 students.

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Did you know we have an Oftsed awarded outstanding' boarding house? Whilst most of our boarders are full term or weekly, we also offer spaces for day pupils to stay overnight whilst their parents are away.

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FAQs for Year 6 Parents/Carers

Will my child spend time at the Academy?

Please download the Year 6 Transition Guide above for current information. 

There will be one transition day 6th July 2022. Year 6 children will be invited to attend a day at the academy in their full primary school uniform.   Lunch will be provided free of charge.  It will be a great day for all students to meet key staff, try some lessons and meet their tutor groups.

A second event, Year 6 Compass for Life Day, is to yet to be confirmed. You will need to complete and sign a consent form which should be returned to the academy as soon as possible.  On this day a Packed lunch will be needed.

This will be a great day to drop off the school admission booklet.

Will parents have a chance to visit the Academy?

We hope to hold various open days throughout September and October where parents are welcome to come and see the school in full swing. A parents evening will also take place on 6th July 2022, the Year 7 team as well as other key members of staff.  There will be a presentation from Mr Paddock Headteacher and Mr Hughes Head of Year 7.

What contact will there be between the Academy and my child’s current school?

Our transition team work closely with the feeder primary schools in preparation for the students’ move from primary to secondary school. Mr Anthony Hughes – Head of Year 7 and Mrs Fiona Tatlock – Student Manager hope to arrange meetings with feeder schools to meet all of the students before they come up to the Academy, and we speak in detail with your child’s current class teacher to gain as much information as possible.

In addition we have a team from English, Maths and Science who are working with our feeders to ensure academic continuity from Primary to Secondary and to help mitigate from the lost time caused by the pandemic

Each year we have a number of students who come from a primary school on their own.  The Student Manager and Head of Year will be in contact with every school and ensure every student starts at the same starting point.

What arrangements are made if I am moving into the area and my child does not currently attend a local primary school?

All applications for places should be made through Wiltshire Council. Once a place has been offered, we will contact your child’s current primary school to ensure we receive all relevant information before they start. If your child is not able to attend the transition day, being held on the 6th July 2022, you can contact the Academy to make alternative arrangements for a visit. Please call Mrs Tatlock, Year 7 Student Manager for September 2022, on extension 3942.

What will happen if my child has Additional Educational Needs?

Our Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) team will liaise with County Hall and your child’s current school to ensure that we have all the information needed for a smooth transition. Your child may also be invited to the school for an additional transition day, and you may be invited to meet with SEND team if necessary. Please contact the SEND department if you would like to make an appointment. In addition to this Ms Ashton-Emslie will be visiting each local school to meet the students and their teacher to ensure that students are provided with the right level of support on attending the Academy. Ms Ashton-Emslie will also be running enhanced transition days for our SEND students who are identified by the Primary School as requiring more support for transition.

What happens if my child has specific medical needs?

Our comprehensive Admissions Information Booklet covers all the information we need, including information on medical needs. You should have received this soon after your child’s place at the Academy had been confirmed. If you need to speak to someone at the Academy in person, please contact Mrs Tatlock, Year 7 Student Manager by calling the school and requesting extension 3942.

What correspondence will I receive before September?

You will receive a welcome pack that includes:
The parent Information Booklet for 2022
An Admission Booklet that must be completed and returned before your child starts in September
A Letter with key contact and dates within

Students will find out which tutor group they have been allocated to on the transition day.

What happens about uniform?

For new and returning students starting in September 2022 there is a chance to size, order and pay for uniform for the start of the Autumn term. Our uniform supplier, Stitch-A-Logo ( is open and can help you with all aspects of uniform purchasing, you can also visit the shop or you can purchase uniform online from,

School shoes – please look at the parent information booklet.  We will not accept shoes that look like trainers and not polishable. 

Girls trousers must be tailored and we will not accept leggings or skinny fit trousers. 

Stitch a Logo will be open on Saturday 9th July from 9am to midday for Wellington academy parents only.

If in any doubt please contact the school and ask – some retailers advertise clothes as ‘school items’ but they fall short of our policy.

What happens on the 6th July evening?

It is important that you and your child attend this evening as this is when you both will be able to meet your child’s tutor and find out their House.  On arrival you will sign in and be given a Welcome Pack which has a sticker on with your child’s house on, your child will go to their tutor who will be stood in the atrium holding a sign with the same house logo on.  At this point you will enter the Theatre for a talk with the Mr Steven Paddock – Headteacher and Anthony Hughes – Head of Year.  Whilst parents and carers are in the theatre, your child will be doing some ‘get to know you’ activities with their tutor where you will join them after the talk

What will happen on the first day of term? 

Year 7 are invited in for the afternoon on our INSET day in full uniform.  On arrival your child will be met in the foyer and directed to the theatre to meet their tutor.  The afternoon starts with an assembly led by the Headteacher, Senior Deputy Head and Phase Leader, who will welcome them to the Academy.  The afternoon will be spent with their tutor group, and they will receive their timetables, be given access to the SIMS App (which will be their electronic planner) and  have an opportunity to tour the school to orientate themselves.  They will complete activities to get to know their classmates and will have an electronic fob so they can access the photocopiers, library and pay for meals in the canteen and cafe.  We will also take pictures of them in their tutor groups and as a year group.

What options are there for lunch?

The Academy has a café which is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm. This serves sandwiches, snacks and some hot takeaway food. The canteen which is open at lunchtime, offers a range of sandwiches, salads, and snacks as well as a choice of hot meals. Payment can be made via ParentPay. Many students bring packed lunches. Click here for more information on how to use ParentPay

What are the options for getting my child to school?

We offer a subsidised mini bus for Year 7 from Tidworth, Bulford, Durrington and Upavon. There are buses from Perham Down, Tidworth and Ludgershall which stop outside the Academy. This service is provided by school and you can apply in the summer term when an email is sent with the application form.  Places are limited and we will allocate based on a number of factors.  (it is not first come first served). Each term you will be required to make a payment before the term starts to use the service.

If you are eligible for transport you will be sent a bus pass application form by County Hall when you are offered your place. This is provided by the authority you live and bill you for council tax.

Who do I contact before my child starts at the school?

Head of Year – Mr Hughes (
Year 7 Student Manager & Transition – Mrs Tatlock (
SEND – Ms Ashton-Emslie (